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People who live in rural villages don’t always have access to water. In underdeveloped countries, the lack of access to water negatively impacts many facets of daily life. Families spend most of their day collecting dirty water for drinking, washing, and bathing. As a result, infants and children get sick from waterborne diseases and other more severe medical conditions over a prolonged period of time.

Apart from health reasons, water is also needed in agriculture – the main source of income for rural villagers. Without water, crops will not grow and farmers will perpetually be stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty.

Your generous donation allows us to engage a professional contractor to dig and install a water well in Cambodia, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. We are also expanding to serve other countries in the African and Asian continent.

As a donor, you are entitled to receive a final report comprising a certificate of appreciation, photos, and documents detailing how your money was spent. It will also include the location of your water well, its beneficiaries, and how it has impacted the local community.

You can also make a smaller donation, which will be deposited into a collective fund dedicated to building community wells in impoverished areas that are designated as ‘most in need’.

Every bit of donation counts toward the implementation of more water wells worldwide.

View our sample certificates and reports by clicking the links below:

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Beneficiary Report

Location Report

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