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Orphan Support

The Orphan Sponsorship program is the keystone project of Bayt Al-Zakat.

Bayt Al-Zakat initiated the program to sponsor orphans in 1989. The program forms the central, ongoing, relief and assistance based initiative that we have operating in Lebanon throughout the year.

Orphan Sponsorship is sought from the generous people of Australia to provide children and their guardians with their basic needs.

The program also aims to cater for medical and educational services, as well as promoting various social development opportunities, including sport and recreation activities for children as they transition towards adulthood.

Program Reach & Sponsorship Details

Thanks to the sponsorship and support of kind brothers and sisters in Australia, Bayt Al-Zakat currently cares for hundreds of orphans. These orphans come from various towns and cities in Northern Lebanon.

Local sponsors are provided with files containing full details of disadvantaged orphans, as well as yearly progress reports on those sponsored.

Sadly though, more help is needed, so please consider sponsoring a child today!

Snapshot Statistics: Orphaned or Abandoned Children in Lebanon

Almost one-third of the Lebanese population is made up by children.

It is estimated around 10 percent of these children may experience the loss of a parent, both parents, or may be subject to abandonment due to abject poverty.

Tens of thousands of children in Lebanon become institutionalised in a system, which left without funding or support, would leave many children facing uncertain and unpromising futures.

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